SYM 三陽機車

Welcome to the mini vehicle world
ex4U is an eco-friendly tiny electric vehicle designed only for you. 4U means “for you”, ex4U is suitable for single commuter and family trip like 2 adults or 1 adult with 2 children. 
All for you
Convertible back seat is designed for larger space to carry and deliver more goods. ex4U is more comfortable than normal motorcycle and more narrow than average car, that makes it easy to drive and park in the city. ex4U is light-weighted with rounded curves and equipped with gull wing door and in-vehicle surveillance camera designed for a safer and more convenient driving experience. 
Length 2500mm
Width 1235mm
Height 1500mm
Wheelbase 1780mm
Weight <400kg
Tire size FR/RR:165 45 R15
Motor power力 6.5Kw
Top speed 50 km/h
Tyoe Lithium-ion
Spec 3.5Kwh
Charge 5hours