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SYM Z1 attila was the first motorcycle in Taiwan that passed the Sixth Phase of Petrol Vehicle Emission Standards, the strictest emission regulation in Taiwan so far.
SYM Jets, a 125cc scooter, won 15 championships in the scooter races held by Taiwan Spirit Riders Association (TSR).
2016 VMEP was ranked as one of the top 10 Famous Trademarks by the Vietnam Intellectual Property Association and the Vietnam Entrepreneurs Scientific Union.
2014 SYM was awarded the second prize in the category of scooter by the German Best Brands.
SYM E-Woo passed thorough examinations of the greenhouse gas emission and was certified by BSI as the first electric scooter meeting its carbon footprint inspection standards in Taiwan.
2013 The “Design Methodology and Advantages of Centrifugal Type Decompression Devise of Engine” published by Sanyang won the Taiwanese Special Award of the 19th Small Engine Technology Conference (SETC 2013).
SYM GT EVO 125 was rated the most fuel-efficient 125cc model in the 2012 “Fuel Economic Guide” published by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.
Hyundai won the 2012 Taiwan Yahoo Cars of the Year award in four categories.
2012 SYM’s T2 (with a Brazilian name ‘Next’) was honored with the DUASRODAS 2013 Award.
SYM’s T2 was awarded the 2012 Taiwan Excellence Award.
VMEP was honored by the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Dong Nai Province with the Grand Award for the Achievements of Excellence Performance in Movement in the category of Good Building Labor Relations in the Enterprises.
VMEP was honored by the People’s Committee of Dong Nai Province with the Certificate of Merit for the Achievements of Excellence Performance in the Red Cross of Dong Nai Province.
2011 SYM T2 won the 20th Taiwan Excellence Awards.
Hyundai cars were crowned the fastest growing domestic passenger cars and the best sale domestic SUV for 2011.
Sanyang performed the best in the Voluntarily CO2 Reduction for Passenger Cars and was rewarded by the Environment Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan, Taiwan.

SYM Dealers were certificated the Good Service Practice (GSP) by the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan

SYM won the title of 2011 Best Brand in Germany for the scooter category.

The SYM vehicle won the championship in the Korea Mini Moto Race Championship (KMRC).
SYM Citycom was elected the best Maxi Scooter by the Brazilian press, including Quatro Rodas Moto.
SYM T1 participated the China Superbike Championship (CSBK) for the first time and was crowned the race champion.
Sanyang GT125evo and e-st@r, one of Sanyang’s electric scooters, were certified as green vehicles by the Environment Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan, Taiwan.
2010 GTS 300i, a 300cc scoter, was awarded the 18th Golden National Award of Excellence;Sanyang was honored with the Sixth National HRD
InnoPrize in the R.O.C..
2009 Sanyang was honored as an Evergreen Enterprise for her long history of business operations in Taiwan; her dealers were the first to be
certified as the Good Service Practice (GSP) dealers; Swirl Tumble
Control System(S.T.C.S.) was presented and applied to the products,
and Sanyang was certified to ISO 14064.
2008 Sanyang was honored with the National Friendly Working Environment
Award, chosen as one of the best 500 Export/Import Corporations
in the R.O.C. and the greenest and most beautiful outdoors plant area
in the Industrial Zone.
2007 Sanyang was honored with the R.O.C. Enterprise Environmental Protection Award, the Benchmark Enterprise Award of the Taiwan
Training and Quality System (TTQS) and the Badge of Accredited
Healthy Workplace Prize; VMEP was chosen by customers for the Best
Quality Products andwas awarded the Golden Dragon Awards, again,
in the category ofCorporations of the Most Outstanding Management,
as well as the Most Philanthropic Corporation and the Best Enterprise
to Give Back to the Community.
2006 SYM was elected as one of the Top 20 International Brands in Taiwan and the Best Human Resource and Training Enterprise for the National Defense Industry, R.O.C., as well as honored with the eAward
by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.; VMEP received the Golden
Dragon Awards in the category of Corporations of the Most Outstanding
Management in Vietnam.
2005 Sanyang was awarded the Distinguished Innovation Accomplishment Award.
2003 VMEP was certified to ISO 9001.
2002 VMEP’s products were awarded, for three consecutive years, the
emblem of the Best Quality in Vietnam; Sanyang received the Industrial
Technology Advancement Award, and announced the application of AerospaceCeramic Cylinders and Electronic Fuel Injection System to her products.
2001 Sanyang was honored as the best Team of the Total Productive
Maintenance Management in Japan; VMEP was awarded the first
Golden Global Prize for products of excellent quality in vietnam.
1999 Sanyang was awarded the Golden National Award of Excellence, the
National Annual Design Award and the Ministry of Economic Affairs’
Industrial Technology Advancement Award ; Fiddle 50, Sanyang’s 50cc
scooter, received the National Design Award.
1998 Sanyang was certified to ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, the three-in-one integrated management system.
1997 Jet series, both 50cc and 100cc scooters, were awarded the Silver
National Award of Excellence and, with the 125cc scooter Attila, the Best Designed Products.
1996 Sanyang was honored as one of the Most Outstanding Corporations in
the Asia Pasic Region, the Enterprises of the Year in the R.O.C. and
the 9th National Quality Control Circle (QCC) Corporate Golden Tower
Prize in the non-production category.
1995 Passion 110, Sanyang’s proud presentation of 110cc scooter, won the
National Awards of Excellence; Sanyang was honored as one of the best manufacturers of Industrial Automation, and was certified to ISO
9001 and ISO 9002.
1993 Sanyang was awarded the 29th Minister Prize in the category of Quality Control, a contest held by the Quality Management Institute on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.
1992 Sanyang was honored as one of Taiwan’s best manufacturers in New Product Development, Industrial Automation and Energy Saving.
1991 Sanyang was awarded the Corporate Quality Control Prize.
1988 Sanyang was awarded the Golden Brand Prize in the transportation category.
1986 Sanyang was awarded the Golden Brand Prize in the motorcycle category.
1982 Sanyang started exporting motorcycles to the Dominican Republic.
1979 Sanyang was designated by the Ministry of Communications to implement vehicle emissions inspectionin Taiwan.
1976 Sanyang presented and was able to apply the self-developed Steadite Alloy Cylinders to all lines of products with a 50,000km warranty; Steadite Alloy Cylinders were exported to Honda, Japan.