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2018 ."Solar Roof" was installed to practically support our national green policy.
.NT$2 million was donated to the Hualien earthquake relief.
.A motorcycle was donated to "Children are Us Foundation" for fund raising.
.Xiashing Motor in China was granted the honor of "a Five-Star Company for Employees" by Xiamen Federation of Trade Unions.
.FNX BT, a scooter equipped with high-end technology, was launched.
.Tons of onions were bought to release local farmers` pressure during the overproduction period.
.Xiashing Motor in China was granted 9 patents, a 100% passing rate, in the category of R&D technology in 2018.
.SYM`s commercial ads, for the first time, covered 227 high-speed railway stations in China with an estimation of 46.3 millions of travellers witin the coverage.
.Vega, a 125cc scooter of fashion and character, was launched.
.Xiashing Motor celebrated the relocation of its R&D Center.
.HD300, SYM`s new elegant 300cc scooter, was launched.
.Sanyang`s Spare Part Center held its groundbreaking ceremony.
.JOYMAX Z 300, SYM`s new sporty 300cc scooter featuring nimble maneuvering , was launched.
.Sanyang and Nanyang jointly promoted the educational plan of early medical intervention for children with developmental delays in remote areas.
.Sanyang signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the state-run CPC Corporation for a joint development of electric-vechile business.
2017 .VMEP celebrated its 25th anniversary and unveiled Fancy, a new 125cc scooter, and Husky, a new 125cc bike, in the ceremony.
.Xiashing Motorcycle celebrated its 25th anniversary.
.SYM announced its whole new engine with Zero-Resistance Starter & Generator System (ZRSG) in the 2017 Milan Motorcycle Shows (EICMA).
.VMEP held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new plant in Phu Nghia.
.Nova, a well-known industrial design company in Taiwan and an affiliate of Sanyang, held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new headquarters building.
.SYM celebrated the inauguration of its assembly plant in the Republic of Colombia.
.Qinghzhou Engineering Industry, Sanyang’s affiliate in Suzhou, China, was honored the Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relations for 2015~2016.
.Sanyang sponsored the National Brisk Walking Rally held by the Sports Administration.
.SYM Jets, a 125cc scooter, won 15 championships in the scooter races held by Taiwan Spirit Riders Association (TSR).
.VMEP opened a new office in Ho Chi Minh City.
.All new SYM Duke was launched.
.Mr. C. Y. Wu and Ms. Li-Chu Wu were elected Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively in the Board of Directors’ Meeting.
.SYM Z1 attila was the first motorcycle in Taiwan that passed the Sixth Phase of Petrol Vehicle Emission Standards, the strictest emission regulation in Taiwan so far.
.All new remolded Super Elantra was launched.
.SYM Jet 14 was launched.
2016 .Chairman Walter Chang received the 10th National Distinguished Accomplishment Award from the Chinese Professional Management Association.

.Hyundai`s heavy commercial vehicles were introduced and domestically manufactured in Taiwan.

.Xiashing Motor received the Chinese High-Tech Enterprise Certification from the Xiamen Government.

.Sanyang completed the Light Tactical Vehicle Project of the Ministry of Defense.

.Star X, a new 125cc cub motorcycle, was launched in Vietnam.

.VMEP was ranked as one of the top 10 Famous Trademarks by the Vietnam Intellectual Property Association and the Vietnam Entrepreneurs Scientific Union.

.Amigo 50, a new 50cc cub motorcycle, was launched in Vietnam.

.Mio 115, a new 115cc scooter, was launched in Taiwan.

.Hyundai`s new SUV All New Tucson was launched in Taiwan.

.Maxsym 400i, a new 400cc scooter, was launched in China.

.Woo, a new 100cc scooter, was launched in Taiwan.

.Shark Mini, a new 125cc scooter, was launched in Vietnam.

.Sanyang and its affiliates, including Nanyang, donated NT$ 5 million for Tainan earthquake relief.

.Magic SR, a new 125cc scooter, was launched in China.
2015 .The Hyundai Motor Plaza, an Hyundai Brand Image Facility, was opened to the public in Taipei.

.The Luxurious Hyundai Genesis 3.8L GDi, an imported 3800 cc sdean, was launched in Taiwan.

.SYM JET 125 was the 125cc champion scooter in the 2015 race organized by Taiwan Motorcycle Accessories Association (MAAT).

.Hyundai Verna 1.6L, manufactrued by Sanyang Motor, was launched in Taiwan.

.SYM MaxSym600i was launched in Taiwan.

.Sanyang Motor started to manufacture Kia Caren 2.0 diesel MPV.

.The Luxurious Hyundai All New Sonanta 2.4 GDi, an imported 2400 cc sdean, was launched in Taiwan.

.Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4L Gdi, manufactrued by Sanyang Motor, was launched in Taiwan.

.SYM Jet 125 was launched in Taiwan.

.SYM Attila V125 and SYM Galaxy Sport 110 were launched in Vietnam.

.SYM SB300 was launched in Taiwan.

.SYM brand logo and font (typeface) were formally revised.

.Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd. was formally renamed as Sanyang Motor Co., Ltd..
2014 .SYM was awarded the second prize in the category of scooter by the German Best Brands.

.Kia Carens was mass produced.

.Kia Morning was mass produced.

.Sanyang and its affiliates donated NT$10 million to Kaohsiung after a massive gas explosion for the city’s reconstruction project

.SYM All New T3 and SB300, two heavy-duty motorcycles, were launched.

.Sanyang entered into an OEM agreement with Kia Motors Corp..

.Messrs. Walter H. C. Chang and C. Y. Wu were elected Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively in the Board of Directors’ Meeting.

.VMEP launched VJ4/5 Attila Venus in Vietnam.

.SMV marketed SYM2.0 light truck in Vietnam.

.SYM RV270, a heavy-duty scooter, was launched.

.SYM E-Woo passed thorough examinations of the greenhouse gas emission and was certified by BSI as the first electric scooter meeting its carbon footprint inspection standards in Taiwan.

.Hyundai All New Santa Fe was launched.

.SYM New Mii was launched.

.Sanyang celebrated the 60th anniversary.
2013 .SMV signed a Cooperation Agreement with Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. in China for the model SJ.

.The“Design Methodology and Advantages of Centrifugal Type Decompression Devise of Engine” published by Sanyang won the Taiwanese Special Award of the 19th Small Engine Technology Conference (SETC 2013).

.Sanyang signed a Technology Cooperation Agreement with Hyundai for the model SANTA FE.

.VMEP celebrated her 20th Anniversary.

.SYM GT EVO 125 was rated the most fuel-efficient 125cc model in the 2012 “Fuel Economic Guide” published by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.

.Hyundai won the 2012 Taiwan Yahoo Cars of the Year award in four categories.

.SYM launched two brand new big scooters, MAXSYM 400i and GTS 300i.
2012 .SYM’s T2 (with a Brazilian name ‘Next’) was honored with the DUASRODAS 2013 Award.

.Sanyang continued to participate in social welfare activities and provided 10 RV 250 to fulfill 10 Grand Riders’ dreams of riding around Taiwan.

.SYM’s T2 was awarded the 2012 Taiwan Excellence Award.

.Collaborated with the Hsinchu Municipal Government, Sanyang held the 2012 Environmental Friendly Low-Carbon Summer Camp in Hsinchu County.

.VMEP was honored by the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Dong Nai Province with the Grand Award for the Achievements of Excellence Performance in Movement in the category of Good Building Labor Relations in the Enterprises.

.Sanyang launched the domestically manufactured Hyundai All New Elantra.

.SYM launched MAXSYM 400i ABS, a model for the overseas markets.

.VMEP was honored by the People’s Committee of Dong Nai Province with the Certificate of Merit for the Achievements of Excellence Performance in the Red Cross of Dong Nai Province.

.SYM was the best selling scooter brand in Greece for 2011.

.SYM launched a new version of 125cc Jet Power EVO, equipped with the Swirl Tumble Control System.

.SYM launched E-WOO, a light electric scooter.
2011 .SYM T2 won the 20th Taiwan Excellence Awards.

.Hyundai cars were crowned the fastest growing domestic passenger cars and the best sale domestic SUV for 2011.

.Sanyang performed the best in the Voluntarily CO2 Reduction for Passenger Cars and was rewarded by the Environment Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan, Taiwan.

.SYM Dealers were certificated the Good Service Practice (GSP) by the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan

.SYM won the title of 2011 Best Brand in Germany for the scooter category.

.The SYM vehicle won the championship in the Korea Mini Moto Race Championship (KMRC).

.SYM Citycom was elected the best Maxi Scooter by the Brazilian press, including Quatro Rodas Moto.

.SYM T1 participated the China Superbike Championship(CSBK) for the first time and was crowned the race champion.

.Sanyang had its first Global Dealers’ Convention and announced three brand new models, MAXSYM 400i, T2 and iRX115.

.Sanyang GT125evo and e-st@r, one of Sanyang’s electric scooters, were certified as green vehicles by the Environment Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan, Taiwan.

.The Groundbreaking Ceremony of Sanyang Nei-Hu Headquarter Park was held.

.Xiashing Motorcycle Co., Ltd. was certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and the China Compulsory Certification.

.Hyundai ix35 was recognized as one of the safest SUV by the European New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety of the U.S. ( IIHS).

.SYM started its Mobile Site.
2010 .New Fighter 150, a proud invention of 150cc scooter with STCS (Swirl Tumble Control System), was launched.

.New Fighter 150 was the winner of the 18th Taiwan Excellence Award, while GTS 300i EVO was presented the 18th Taiwan Excellence Gold Award.

.VMEP R&D Centers in Vietnam was inaugurated.

.Sanyang was honored with the 6th National HRD InnoPrize.

.SMV T1000 and SYM V5/V9/V11 were launched in Vietnam.

.Hyundai ix35 was chosen as the Car of the Year and the Best Domestic SUV in Taiwan for 2010.
2009 .Sanyang announced the application of Swirl Tumble Control

System (S.T.C.S.) and cooperated with Uniteks Gida Tekstil

Motorlu Araclar San. Ve Tic. A.S. in Turkey to manufacture

motorcycles; another Ministry of National Defense bid to

manufacture 3598 units of military tactical trucks was won;

ISO14064 was certified; VMEPH issued Taiwan Depository

Receipts (TDR) in Taiwan; electric bicycles were launched.

.Sanyang Global (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. started operations;

Sanyang King Long Buses were launched and the first batch

of 20 units were delivered; SMV started operations and

launched the mini-truck, SYM T880

2007 .The ground-breaking ceremony of SMV was held; Sanyang

entered into a technology cooperation with Mahindra&

Mahindra Limited (MTWL) in India; VMEPH was listed on the

Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
2006 .Sanyang announced her brand new logo, the Moving Arrow.


.Sanyang won the Ministry of National Defense bid to
manufacture 4988 units of military tactical trucks; Sanyang

Motor Vietnam Company Limited (SMV), the 13th automaker in

Vietnam was established; Sanyang Italia S.R.L. in Italy started

operations; PT.Sanyang Industri Indonesia was formally

granted license to commence production.
2004 .Sanyang acquired 25% stake in King Long United Automotive

Industry Co., Ltd.; the Product Life Cycle Management System

(PLM) was applied.
2003 .The Engineering Division was certified to QS 9000;

VMEP was certified to ISO 9001.
2002 .Sanyang severed ties with Honda, Japan and engaged in

a technology cooperation with Hyundai Motors, Korea;

Aerospace Ceramic Cylinders and Electronic Fuel Injection

System were able to be applied to all lines of products.
2001 .The engine plant of VMEP started operations.

2000 .Sanyang acquired VMEP, Xiashing and Qingzhou.

1999 .The Engineering Division was inaugurated; administration

and other functional offices in Neihu were relocated to the

Hsinchu Plant and Sanyang resettled in Hsinchu completely.

1998 .Sanyang was certified to ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS

18001, the three-in-one integrated management system.
1996 .Sanyang was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.
1995 .Sanyang entered into technology alliances with Xiashing

Motorcycle Co., Ltd. and Qingzhou Engineering Industry Co.,

Ltd.,in China; ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 were certified.

1992 .Sanyang entered into a technology alliance with VMEP in Vietnam.
1990 .Sanyang Safety Driving Center was opened to the public;
?Sanyang Educational and Training Center was inaugurated;

Taiwan’s first automatic auto body welder G/W M/C was?

utilized in the production lines.
1989 .Hsinchu Automobile Plant was inaugurated; automobile

production lines in Neihu were relocated to the Hsinchu Plant.
1982 .Sanyang started to export motorcycles to the Dominican Republic.
1980 .Dr. Shi H. Huang succeed Mr. Chi-Chun Huang as Chairman

of the Board; motorcycle production lines in Neihu were

relocated to the Hsinchu Plant.
1978 .Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of Hsinchu Plant was held.
1977 .The first 1200cc automobile, Honda Civic, was launched and Nanyang Industries Co., Ltd. became the exclusive distributor

of Sanyang automobiles.
1976 .Sanyang independently developed and applied Steadite AlloyCylinders to her products with a 50,000km warranty; Steadite
Alloy Cylinders were exported to Honda, Japan.
1969 .Sanyang’s automobile plant was inaugurated to manufacture
1967 .Sanyang signed a technology agreement with Honda, Japan on automobile production.
1962 .Sanyang collaborated with Honda, Japan to manufacture motorcycles.
1961 .Sanyang Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. was reorganized as
Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd.
1959 .Sanyang Electric Machinery Plant was reorganized as Sanyang Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.
1954 .Sanyang Electric Machinery Plant was founded in Neihu District, Taipei to manufacture dynamoelectric light sets for bicycles.