Sanyang was honored as an Evergreen Enterprise for her long history of business operations in Taiwan; her dealers were the first to be certified as the Good Service Practice (GSP) dealers; Swirl Tumble Control System(S.T.C.S.) was presented and applied to the products, and Sanyang was certified to ISO 14064.


Sanyang was honored with the National Friendly Working Environment Award, chosen as one of the best 500 Export/Import Corporations in the R.O.C. and the greenest and most beautiful outdoors plant area in the Industrial Zone.


Sanyang was honored with the R.O.C. Enterprise Environmental Protection Award, the Benchmark Enterprise Award of the Taiwan Training and Quality System (TTQS) and the Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace Prize; VMEP was chosen by customers for the Best Quality Products andwas awarded the Golden Dragon Awards, again, in the category ofCorporations of the Most Outstanding Management, as well as the Most Philanthropic Corporation and the Best Enterprise to Give Back to the Community.


SYM was elected as one of the Top 20 International Brands in Taiwan and the Best Human Resource and Training Enterprise for the National Defense Industry, R.O.C., as well as honored with the eAward by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.; VMEP received the Golden Dragon Awards in the category of Corporations of the Most Outstanding Management in Vietnam.


Sanyang was awarded the Distinguished Innovation Accomplishment Award.


VMEP was certified to ISO 9001.


VMEP’s products were awarded, for three consecutive years, the emblem of the Best Quality in Vietnam; Sanyang received the Industrial Technology Advancement Award, and announced the application of AerospaceCeramic Cylinders and Electronic Fuel Injection System to her products.


Sanyang was honored as the best Team of the Total Productive Maintenance Management in Japan; VMEP was awarded the first Golden Global Prize for products of excellent quality in vietnam.