Our company established the "Salary and Remuneration Committee" on December 31, 2011. This committee consists of 3 members, appointed by the resolution of the board of directors, and one of them is the convener.
Terms of Reference of the Committee

The Committee shall faithfully perform the following duties and responsibilities with the attention of a good manager and submit its recommendations to the Board of Directors for discussion.

  1. To regularly review and propose amendments to the Regulations.
  2. To establish and regularly review the policies, systems, standards and structures of annual and long-term performance targets and remuneration for directors and managers of the Company.
  3. To regularly evaluate the achievement of the performance targets of the Company's directors and managers, and to determine the content and amount of their individual remuneration.

Committee Members

committee titlenamemain educationmain experience
ConvenerChung-Chuan ShihMaster of Laws, National Chengchi University
achelor of Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Chief Accountant of Yageo Certified Public Accountants
Practicing Lawyer of Yageo Law Firm
Principal Accountant of Jiahong Certified Public Accountants
Leading lawyer of Jiahong Law Firm
Audit Assistant of Ernst & Young Joint Accounting Firm
Committee MemberChih-Hung HsiehDoctor of Law, National Chengchi University
Doctor of Public Law, Graduate School of Law, Waseda University
Full-time Associate Professor, Department of Law, Fu Jen Catholic University
Associate Dean of Faculty of Law, Fu Jen Catholic University
Dean of the Department of Law, Fu Jen Catholic University
Adjunct Associate Professor of Shih Hsin University
Adjunct Associate Professor, Taipei University of Education
Committee MemberChen ChiangMaster of Business, Department of Accounting and Information Technology, National Chung Cheng University 
Bachelor of Law, Department of Law, National Chung Hsing University (now Taipei University)
Chiang Chen Law Firm
National Zhongshan Academy of Sciences
Teacher of Promotion and Education Office of Chung Yuan Christian University
Part-time Lecturer, Department of Accounting and Information Technology, Chung Cheng University
Operation of the Salary and Compensation Committee of 2020