100% Independent

motorcycle R&D capability

Established 100% independent motorcycle R&D capability and became the most technically autonomous motorcycle company in Taiwan, changing the role from a technology importer to an exporter. Followed the national policy to deploy Taiwan as the global operation headquarters and further to expand into Mainland China and ASEAN regions. SYM possessed 86 kinds of independently R&D motorcycle modes, and was awarded the highest 3% product incentive reward within the industry by MOEA with regards to independent R&D models.

  • Relocation of factory from Taipei to Xinfeng; integration of research & development resources.

Taiwan only

SYM is the only one company in Taiwan equipped with automobile and motorcycle molds, tools, and special processing machinery together with automatic welding capability. We also have already exported large-sized molds for car engines and mechanical processing equipment to overseas automobile manufacturers. Our competitiveness in technology and cost has been recognized worldwide.

R&D Results
R&D Results


The first of its kind in Taiwan

With our breakthrough of the bottleneck in production technology, a small number of exclusive ceramic cylinders for high-end racing vehicles are widely used in the SYM Scooter series.

R&D Results

Ultra-low pollution vehicle certification

Successfully developed a motorcycle equipped with an electronic injection system, and obtained the "Ultra Low Pollution Vehicle" certification from the Environmental Protection Agency, so that the technical level of the motorcycle was upgraded to the same level as that of the automobile. SYM's production of e-jet motorcycles is significantly ahead of our industry competitors.

  • In line with Taiwan's green environmental protection policy, we developed control technologies that meet the global motorcycle pollution standards, which is significantly ahead of other countries.


We are the first in Taiwan to introduce the medium-sized Z.R.S.G. motor with a fully electric Z.R.S.G. zero impedance start system; which greatly reduced the fuel consumption at idling speed and enhanced the smoothness at starting. This energy-saving technology has been successfully applied to other small and medium-sized scooter models.

The best among motorcycles in the same class

SYM motorcycle is the first in its class to be equipped with a new DOHC twin-cylinder 8V fixed-lock 465c.c four-stroke water-cooled engine. Also, having a class-standard CVT wet multi-disc automatic clutch transmission system, the front inverted wishbone front fork and rear single-shot six-link shock absorber with 50% front and 50% rear weight distribution design. No matter in terms of riding acceleration or handling performance, our motorcycles are the best among the same class.